Taking the Show on the Road

The Overlook Theatre is saying farewell to Franklin, North Carolina (for a weekend) and heading to Marietta, Georgia to join in the Battles of Marietta 150th event.  According to 150th website, Marietta will be transformed into a living model of the city from 1864.  Events will range from reenactments, tours, exhibits and… plays!

That’s where the Overlook Theatre comes in.  We’ll be performing at the beautiful Earl Smith Strand Theatre in downtown Marietta. The OTC will be performing “Civil War the Musical” which depicts events of the war from all different perspectives.  The musical takes it’s viewers on a journey through different lives involved in the war and brings home a message of glory, honor and patriotism.  Performances in Marietta will be Friday June 20th and Saturday June 21st.

Don’t worry, Franklin! You’ll be able to catch our performance at the Franklin High School Fine Arts Center June 26th and June 27th. Don’t miss this spectacular show!

Catch the next blog post for more of our adventures on the road!

Civil War (4 of 5)

Civil War (5 of 5)



Less than a Week Away!

It’s less than a week away from showtime! Have you bought your tickets?! If not, they are on sale at the Macon County Chamber of Commerce.  You can buy tickets for any of our 4 shows: April 3, 4, 5 at 7:30PM and April 6 at 2:30PM. Tickets are $8 for students and $12 for adults. Performances will be held at the Franklin High School. We’re so excited to see you there!


With showtime being just around the corner, everything in Overlook has been kicking into high gear.  Actors are officially without help on their lines and small actions are being tweaked. Each actor has to think about their movements and expressions. And now, everything they’ve been working for has to be planned out step by step to music and light.  With the help of many familiar faces, the jungle mood has been set and the theatre has been turned into an adventure waiting to happen.


The sets are rolling in and props are being prepared.  Now is the time when the stage director and the technical directors take last minute notes on what props are missing, what costume pieces are forgotten, and what lighting cues are needed.  It’s time to bring it down to the minute and make sure that every second is filled with fun, fine tuned reactions, and breath taking visuals.


Costumes and Lighting-16

Step into the heart of Africa and join Tarzan and all his friends on this amazing journey filled with music the whole family will be tapping their toes to.


24-25-4  Costumes and Lighting-22


Stay tuned to the blog for more action and adventure as we count down to the opening of Disney’s Tarzan!

It’s been a busy two weeks for the Overlook Theatre Company.  They’ve been hard at work putting together all the pieces of Tarzan. That includes doing a run of the show each night to make sure the scenes, dialogue, and music flow fluently.  It also includes costumes, set design, and lighting!

Costumes and Lighting-1 Costumes and Lighting-2

When it comes to putting the show together, it takes all hands on deck to get everything ready for opening night.  While some of the actors are not on stage sweating and dancing, they are on the sidelines cutting, sewing, and gluing.  Each gorilla costume has to be sewn, then patches of velvet fabric are cut out, glued on with fabric glue, and then cut into strips.  The entire process takes about 3-4 hours per costume. Wendy Shepard, who aids greatly in the costume construction, said that there were 32 gorilla costumes in all. That’s about 5 weeks worth of construction. It’s thanks to Catherine Wright, Wendy Shepard, Wanda Corbin and Scotty Corbin that we have such great costumes. They provide the skilled labor and instructions for the rest of Overlook Theatre Company.

Costumes and Lighting-3 Costumes and Lighting-4

The job goes a lot faster when so many people are willing to pick up a pair of scissors and help the team out.  Overlook is often described as a family, and that cannot be proven any more than by what you see around show time.  Everyone has their job to do and finds a place to be helpful!

Costumes and Lighting-7 Costumes and Lighting-8

The same is said of our lighting and construction crew! All cast members get the chance to help out with construction and costume design, but when it comes to the expertise of the job it is left in the hands of Paul Farley, pictured below, and the ever elusive Effie Rosbert. Both take Scotty Corbin’s vision of set and lighting and makes it a reality.Costumes and Lighting-11

Costumes and Lighting-13

The tedious work is beginning and each step has to be calculated and put to music, lighting, and soon costumes.  Everything will run smoothly in the hands of these dedicated professionals.  Thanks to a great off stage group, all the actors have to do is focus on acting and the perfect expressions.  Like our two villains here Kutter, Drew Townsend, and Clayton, Patrick Brannon, who have perfected their evil laugh and maniacal looks!

Costumes and Lighting-21

Costumes and Lighting-19

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the set design is genius and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of Franklin, North Carolina and into heart of the African jungle.  Like Jane, you’ll find that you might not want to leave.

Remember, tickets are on sale NOW at the Chamber of Commerce. Shows are April 3, 4, 5, at 7:30PM and April 6 at 2:30PM.  We’re SO excited to see you there!

Tickets on Sale!


The time has come for everyone to buy tickets for OTC’s performance of Tarzan! You can buy tickets at the Chamber of Commerce located across from the high school. We love hearing from you guys, so let us know how excited you are to see the show! Be sure to check in with us over at the Facebook page, or you can comment right here! If you’ve been following the blog, you know how exciting the show is going to be!

Ticket costs are $12 for adults and $8 for children! Be sure to get your tickets before they’re gone!


Speaking of fun and excitement. Things have been busy, busy, busy over at rehearsals.  There are always things going on.  The cleaning process has begun which means that the actors go over each scene until it is smooth and clean.  It’s a test to see how good their notes are and how well they’ve memorized every action and squeaked word.



From the dancing flora and fauna…



… to the jumping gorillas…


…everyone is spending long hours perfecting each scene. This also means that songs are no longer hummed and walked around, each actor must place themselves in the role of their character.  Terk (Everett Wright) has to perfect his craaaaAAAAaaaazy cool jungle smarts and Tarzan (Sam Crabtree) has to perfect his jungle call. AaaaaaaaAAaahhhh- okay, we’ll leave that to Sam and Charity.


And it seems that just about everyone is starting to groove to that jungle beat. In fact, why don’t you check out everything that’s been happening this week on the video below.  See what it’s like to be in such a high energy show.

Let us know how excited you are to see the show! We can’t wait to see you there!


Fancy Feet in the Jungle

This week has been the most rigorous week yet for the OTC cast.  While Tarzan has been off hunting dangerous leopards, the gorillas have been getting their groove on.  As you saw last week, they were getting their moves from Emilee and Sarah. This week Scotty put it all together to help complete one of the most energetic numbers of the show.




The gorilla actors were also getting into character with bent shoulders, bug picking and way too much more. The only way to get more and more into character is to repeat the numbers again and again. Believe me, these gorillas worked for their breaks at the watering hole.





Some of us make better gorillas than others…

Some new characters were introduced when the cast of flora and fauna joined the jungle scene. Several young ladies joined in on the fun with their beautiful jungle petals swaying in the breeze. They’ll be the perfect beautiful finds in the jungle that Jane Porter (Nikki Corbin) is looking for!




The rehearsals have moved smoothly as all actors have been diligently taking notes and paying close attention. Tarzan is still young in the making, but already some amazing puppets and crazy costumes have been made. Look for those on the next few blog posts!

As an added bonus, a GoPro has made its way onto the set of Tarzan. That means that you’ll get a chance to see what it’s like to be a hungry leopard or a dancing gorilla.  You’ll also get the chance to be closer to the Overlook Theatre action than ever before.



Special thanks to Matt Nelson and TJ Hanson for sporting the fashionable GoPro!

Snow melts, gorillas dance, directors direct.

The snow has melted and that means that the jungle is going wild! Gorillas are jumping around and climbing vines while explorers navigate their way through the greenery. The OTC is back in business this week thanks to the disappearance of the snow.  Now a week behind, the actors, choreographers, and director must work quickly to get everything back on schedule.  This week a few scenes came together and the gorillas learned some snazzy new dance moves.


T.J. Hanson, the leopard, prepares for his pounce on Tarzan’s human mother, Abigail Roper, and father, Timothy Crabtree. While it is a tragic event, it allows for baby Tarzan to meet his new and special gorilla mother Kala, Kathi Graham.


However, the tender moments end there as the gorillas were moved to a different part of the school to begin their dance routines. Who knew gorillas could be so coordinated?! Well, they aren’t. It’s only with the help of dance instructors Emilee Lane and Sarah Shepard that the gorillas could move their feet.

February 18-1 February 19-1

February 18-3 February 19-5 February 19-8 February 19-4

If the proof of their hard work isn’t in the action shots and concentrated looks, then you’ll see what happens when the dance instructors give a break. Even energetic gorillas have to nap at some point.

February 19-13

Across the way, there was even more action going on. Tarzan, played by Samuel Crabtree, was receiving his first lesson from Jane, played by Nikki Corbin. Jane is her father’s daughter in her love of the jungle and all the creatures in it.  She never dreamed that she would meet such an interesting… individual in the forest and have the chance to interact with him and perhaps the gorilla family he came from!

February 18-4

And if lessons weren’t enough, Tarzan was also introduced to Professor Porter, Steve Crabtreee. Professor Porter shared his love of the jungle wildlife with his daughter and now cannot believe the astonishing find they have made in Tarzan.

February 19-11

It was obviously a very confusing meeting…

To make matters worse, Tarzan didn’t exactly have the best first meeting with the expedition team’s leader Clayton, played by Patrick Brannon. Clayton is a sophisticated explorer who claims to be experienced with the jungle and its inhabitants. However, he only wants one thing from Tarzan and that is the location of his gorilla family. Clayton has much more in mind than simply learning from the gorillas…

February 19-10

February 19-9

Snowing in the Jungle?!

Our cast of gorillas and jungle flowers had no clue what to do with themselves when the snow started to come down! Obviously there have been some large climate shifts to their habitat.

The OTC didn’t have much time to rehearse in the last week due to inclement weather.  However, they did manage to get at least one rehearsal in and a few scenes are already blocked out. Blocking is when the actors are directed on where to stand, walk, and sing during a scene.  Scotty moves around and selects which apes will scratch and which apes will pick bugs.


At this particular rehearsal, friendships were made between two unlikely heroes. Young Tarzan, played by Charity Covher, gave the role of Tarzan a lot of sass! Sam Crabtree better keep up with her spunk when he portrays the grown-up role.


All that spunk doesn’t come without a mentor. Wise-cracking, sly and mischievous Terk, played by Everett Wright, showed young Tarzan the ropes. Or was Tarzan teaching him?

20140206_201223 And of course, all your favorite gorillas were there to start fights and roll around…



Hitting the Right Notes

As of Monday night, rehearsals for the production of Tarzan officially began. On February 3rd, the Overlook Theatre Company (OTC) got together for their first rehearsal night. The best thing about the first rehearsals are watching a family come together. Old friendships are reunited and new ones are formed. Each and every person shares the same enjoyment and goal: to put on a great production!Day 1 and 2 (2 of 9)

Day 1 and 2 (1 of 9)Scripts were assembled and stapled. And then it was time to head over to the piano!

Day 1 and 2 (8 of 9)The “family” part really comes in handy when nearly 60-70 people are jammed in a single room.  Standing, or floor sitting, room only folks!

                      Day 1 and 2 (6 of 9)        Day 1 and 2 (5 of 9)

Day 1 and 2 (4 of 9)

Director Scotty Corbin tickles the ivories while the actors take their first steps into learning their music. The first two nights are for the humans and gorillas to learn their parts and find harmony together.

However, theatre would be nothing without multitasking!  While the actors are busy screeching to the director’s playing, the wonderful seamstresses are preparing measurements for the costumes. In one night, these amazing women measured all 60+ of the actors. Now, costume construction can begin!

Day 1 and 2 (7 of 9)Stay tuned for actor and character interviews, gorilla lessons, gardening tips from our jungle flora and fauna, and so much more!


They stretched their vocal chords and they flexed their… gorilla muscles? That’s right! The Overlook Theatre is back into full swing with their spring production of Disney’s Tarzan. Join us April 3, 4, 5 at 7:30PM and April 6 at 2:00Pm for the performances held at Franklin High School.

Here at the blog you’ll get exclusive insider peeks at what it actually takes to put on such a remarkable and exciting show. You’ll also get to meet the cast and crew and be in on all the behind the curtain fun!

photo 1

Putting on a production always begins with some paperwork, printing, and prepping. It is all done so that the auditions can run as smoothly as possible.  Small scenes are selected for the actors to read, and a small snippet of a song is chosen for the actors to demonstrate their abilities.

photo 5

Then there is the dancing part, and this time it was a little less dancing and a little more bug picking! Your favorite cast members were jumping around and scratching their armpits to demonstrate their very best gorilla!

                    photo 4     photo 3

photo 2

The cast list is up and the entire gang comes together for their first rehearsal on February 3rd. Stay tuned for more insider info!