Taking the Show on the Road

The Overlook Theatre is saying farewell to Franklin, North Carolina (for a weekend) and heading to Marietta, Georgia to join in the Battles of Marietta 150th event.  According to 150th website, Marietta will be transformed into a living model of the city from 1864.  Events will range from reenactments, tours, exhibits and… plays!

That’s where the Overlook Theatre comes in.  We’ll be performing at the beautiful Earl Smith Strand Theatre in downtown Marietta. The OTC will be performing “Civil War the Musical” which depicts events of the war from all different perspectives.  The musical takes it’s viewers on a journey through different lives involved in the war and brings home a message of glory, honor and patriotism.  Performances in Marietta will be Friday June 20th and Saturday June 21st.

Don’t worry, Franklin! You’ll be able to catch our performance at the Franklin High School Fine Arts Center June 26th and June 27th. Don’t miss this spectacular show!

Catch the next blog post for more of our adventures on the road!

Civil War (4 of 5)

Civil War (5 of 5)



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